On Site Food Production

On site food production system allows the institutions and business places that place an emphasis on efficiency and profitability to provide the food production and distribution services outside the main activity sites, by obtaining external support. SEÇSAN shares its professional experience with respect to on site food production projects with you.

SEÇSAN enables you to concentrate on your work by carrying out on site food production at your kitchen with its expert personnel and the years of experience it has gained. SEÇSAN uses the existing kitchens of its customers or establishes new kitchens for those who do not have kitchen facilities and provides catering services through on site food production.

The services before and after the meal shall be provided by the experienced personnel of SEÇSAN. You will not have to take care of any detail during the food production process that is taking place in your kitchen. With our expert team, we will be constantly in contact to fulfill your demands.

If you want the taste and quality of home cooked meals in catering as well, then you may leave the high quality, efficient, healthy and economic production at your kitchen to SEÇSAN’s experienced hands like all the other hundreds of companies.